Doing Business During Novel Coronavirus (Constraints)

Doing Business During Novel Coronavirus (Constraints)

Doing business during the novel coronavirus can be demanding says the entrepreneur Burak Basel. Due to the deadly infectious coronavirus, many precautions should be taken for the sake of all employees, employers, and the company itself. Because if the business wants to go through the coronavirus period without loss, but with success; it needs to take care of all its members. However, to achieve this; a risk analysis must be made and precautions should be taken accordingly says the successful businessman. According to Burak Basel, the constraints will keep the business alive while protecting all members of the business team.

The Effect of Coronavirus on Businesses According to Basel

The corona effects on business life have resulted in some changes. The virus, according to Basel has forced the employers to take serious measures to keep the business safe. In this context he says, the employer is obliged to take all kinds of measures regarding occupational health and safety. Burak Basel mentions that this virus changed the whole organization of businesses. Working from home became the new normal whilst using masks and other protections that avoid the spread of the virus are used in the workplace. Within WHO declared Covid-19 as pandemic, Burak Basel captiously took prompt precautions in each organization within Basel Holding. Some of the organizations’ operations within the holding had to be suspended such as Juicebot, as it is directly linked with Food Safety. Juicebot is an intelligent vending machine which dispences fresh juice. The JuiceBots are located in various places of Los Angeles. But the operations are suspended due to Covid-19. However, Burak Basel also says that each organization must measure its risks and take precautions accordingly since each business is unique.

The Coronavirus Constraints in the Business Life

One of the constraints in business life due to the coronavirus that Burak Basel mentions is that meetings are no longer done face to face in a meeting room. On the contrary, meetings are mostly done digitally with the help of various conference applications. ‘Time management gained more importance during these days.’ added Mr. Basel. Employees started working within flexible hours. Besides, after quarantine period has been over in many countries, he also adds that the use of masks while working is essential since they protect the mouth and nose as it has been confirmed that using protection eliminates the risk of catching Covid-19. Another constraint according to the entrepreneur Mr. Basel is the social distance of 1,5 – 2 meters that should always be kept to avoid any coronavirus infection. Burak Basel says ‘As we begin to return to our workplaces, it will also contribute to the new normal, to create new ways of working, to reduce work traffic and to facilitate social distance measures.’ According to him, a new normal will be created with various working hours and maybe also limited ones, to avoid the work traffic. Finally, Basel claims that he can’t generalize constraints except for the above-mentioned ones since every business and company has its own working style and thus need of changes.