5G, How Does It Affect the Society?

5G, How Does It Affect the Society?

5G is considered to be a technological revolution that will first enhance the power of wireless networks and enable an increased data revolution. The successful entrepreneur mentioned that this 5G revolution will change the whole game in business life and society in general with its advanced innovations. The trials of driverless vehicles will find an end and they will join the actual world or remote surgeries will take place in hospitals. According to Basel, the rate of data transfer will be a hundred times more than it is right now and latency will be reduced with the allowance of wireless devices being managed by cellular networks. In terms of business, Burak Basel thinks that the 5G sensors will provide a faster and advanced decision making in businesses. Finally, he mentions about the fields the 5G will affect the society.

  1. Health Care:According to Burak Basel, the 5G fast data transfer will influence the health care department vastly. Remote surgeries or technological health devices and equipment will be available thanks to the 5G.
  2. Environment:‘The control and data collection/analysis will be eased thanks to the fast data processing’ comments Burak Basel. Various data about the weather, plants, moisture, minerals, and chemicals will be acquired. Thus, measures and precautions can be taken accordingly and a more efficient and healthy ecosystem may be maintained.
  3. Smart Buildings: According to Basel, automated control over all building systems can be done with personalized data use, such as video surveillance and facial recognition. In addition, the connection of multiple structures can be possible with the 5G. However, he also adds that the video surveillance and facial recognition can be a threat in society in terms of cybercrimes. Unknown third parties may reach the data and commit crimes. During this era, the downside will always be a part of the outcomes of technology. ‘We have to accept and find a way to integrate it into our daily lives’ commented Basel.
  4. Industry:Burak Basel stated that in the field of Industry, the use of 5G will have a drastic effect since it will enhance the automations that use IoT.
  5. Smart Cities:Every action visible or invisible happening in the city will be monitored with IoT sensors and analyzed with artificial intelligence for better and faster solutions and precautions that must be taken for a better society and city.
  6. Transportation: Burak Basel says that the use of driverless cars would start in a short time. However, he adds that with a data transfer between vehicles and accurate communication; healthy traffic and reduction of accidents may be observed with the help of 5G. An advanced high-technology infrastructure will solve most of the problems occurring nowadays in transportation.

The Definition of 5G and Its Purpose by Burak Basel 

According to Burak Basel; the 5G, which is the acronym of 5th-generation wireless, is a cellular technology that has the ability to enhance the speed and reaction of wireless networks. Due to its available bandwidth and advanced antenna technology, the 5G will sign under great innovations and technological developments. More devices will be able to be managed and improvements that will result in new technological products will be seen.

Video Surveillance and Facial Recognition

Burak Basel supports the idea of advanced technology use in the business field. However, he also is aware of the risks that may occur. He thinks that while the advanced technology of 5G may catch criminals, it can also help to commit cybercrimes. For example, facial recognition technology and video surveillance can be considered as an invasion of privacy and precautions must be taken to avoid this. Video surveillance and facial recognition may end up with social problems since it can enhance the crime rate and cause businesses and civilians to collapse thus, increase unemployment.